What’s next?


So I have been officially unemployed for 2 weeks now. At first I was so busy I thought to myself how on earth did I fit in a full time job before? I was meeting up with friends, having lunch, going to the theatre and the ballet, spending time with my mum, reading books, all the good stuff and catching up on sleep.

During this time I have also been thinking about what is next for me? What do I want to do now? I have been working in the broad field of Human Resources for about 17 years and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the impact we can make and I have seen this myself but what I hate is the way we take ourselves far too bloody seriously. I have been checking out jobsites and some of the job titles, my oh my!! Head of Employee Engagement (really? Just you?), Head of Talent (!) and my favourite Organisational Effectiveness Manager (wow!!!). I mean really! The rule of thumb should be if your mum or dad asked you what you did would they understand? I know my dad would piss himself laughing if I told him I was an Organisational Effectiveness Manager. Then when you actually read the job advert it is so full of clichés, you really don’t get an idea of what it is that they want or you will be doing. Here are a few examples:

“leading and implementing major projects to advance the organisation’s high-potential agenda”

“working with managers to develop a high performance and high engagement culture”

“working with specialist centres of expertise across Talent Acquisition, L&D and Reward to develop strategies that are conducive to achieving the Business Unit’s strategic objectives”

When did HR lose the ability to speak plain English? I spend a few hours each day (not all at once, that would be too much) searching for jobs and after 20 minutes the language is just gobbledegook. So can I ask all HR people, before you post that job advert run it past your mum and dad and ask them if they understand what it is you are looking for? If they don’t, go back to the drawing board.

A well earned rest from job search, there are many exhibitions I want to see (now the kids are safely back at school). I want to re-visit the Lichtenstein at Tate Modern and the see the Schwitters at Tate Britain (free for me as I a member of Tate). I also want to the see Light Show at the Hayward gallery (£8) and Chuck Close prints at the White Cube in Bermondsey (free). There is also the Man Ray at the National Portrait gallery (£10.90) and Picasso at the Courtauld gallery (£6). And of course the Saatchi (free) is always good value. If you are unemployed and have signed on at the Job Centre then you can get a concession ticket, prices shown in brackets here. And then at the end of the week I have tickets for the English National Ballet’s Ecstasy and Death and on Saturday Tom Dale at the Laban. There is nothing like great art to get you thinking about “what next”.

And finally, the sun has come out to play.


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