What’s next? cont……

So I went and signed on on Wednesday and had a lovely chat with the job centre person. He was looking online for me for a job, we were talking about where and I mentioned I had done a very short stint in Kosovo and Addis Ababa, he mentioned Saudi Arabia, I told him I probably wouldn’t fit in there! He found a role at a Law firm and I mentioned that they always ask for professional services experience and that it was difficult to move from the public/voluntary sector into the private sector. Is there still that view out there by private sector workers that us public sector workers are slackers? If there is, well *big sigh*. And then I signed and left. My money should be through in a couple of days. 

There is something about the job centre that makes me feel guilty and a little bit like begging for money. I know they are trying to help but I really can look for a job on my own. I don’t need the CV advice session (next week), I don’t need you googling random HR jobs for me and I can’t use your database job search tool and I REALLY do not want to upload my CV on to it. If you know anything about marketing and job search I need to target my search, find the fit, match my skills and experience to the role. Sending out random CVs to random roles will do my reputation no good at all. But I get it. I have to jump through the hoops for my £70 odd quid a week. I only signed on so my national insurance would be kept up to date, although it is unlikely that there will be a state pension when I retire, if I live that long! Don’t get me wrong I am pleased that I get any money, but treating everyone the same really doesn’t work. What does Doug Shaw say; “stop doing stupid things to customers”? I wholeheartedly agree!

So after the experience of the job centre, a call from an agency and searching for jobs online I needed some replenishment of the soul. I went to see Light Show at the Hayward Gallery. I had been meaning to go for ages, but was waiting for the children to go back to school. I was very pleased that it cost me £8 to get in (instead of the £12) because I was unemployed. However, I used to be able to get in for free. 

WOW, what a fabulous exhibition! Just so you know it has been extended to 6 May, so plenty of time to check it out. Open late on a Thursday and Friday and weekends are usually sold out, so book early. 

There was so much to see, I was there for a good couple of hours. My favourite piece was Carlos Cruz-Diez 3 rooms of colour. Slowly walking from one room to the other you can sense the shades of the colour changing in intensity. Standing in certain places in the 3 different rooms gives you a sense of the colours changing and the rainbow creating itself on the wall.  The cubes on the ceiling also change as you move displaying the different colours. I was also entertained by an impromptu display of contemporary dance by one of the other visitors and her friends. Olafur Eliasson’s combination of strobe lighting and water was spectacular. The strobe lighting gave the effect of the water suspended in the air, each time displaying a different shape. It took a while to get used to the strobes and I couldn’t stay for long but it was very much worth it. And finally, Jenny Holzer’s piece displaying text from declassified government documents in a flashing circular display was mesmerising. Take a seat and sit back and watch the conversations. There is much more to see than the three I have highlighted.

Afterwards I popped into Tate Modern. I wanted to see the Lichtenstein again. First time I saw it it was mobbed and therefore difficult to see and take in the pieces. It also left me and my friend a bit cold and flat. A disappointment, which was immediately overturned by a visit to Wahaca! Anyway as I said I wanted to go back and see if it could change my mind. I am afraid to say, that it didn’t. I appreciate the skill and precision in his work but it left me feeling a little flat, again. I was really excited when Tate announced this retrospective but I am now disappointed.

And to top off the day, I had dinner and chats with my mum. Life is good!


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