What’s next?

It’s been three weeks now since I left my job due to redundancy and I can tell you for the majority of that time is has been a pretty splendid experience. It has been great to take some time out from work to……..just think. Yep, just think, one of my most favourite hobbies. I was going to write about something completely different (perhaps next time), but as you can tell my blog is pretty much a stream of consciousness.

So I am thinking, “what is next for me?”, “what do I want to do next?”, “what will make me happy?” It is all good stuff, allowing my mind to think about the many, many opportunities that are around the corner. I love daydreaming about possible jobs where I will be doing x or y, the people I will meet, the new experiences that I will have, it’s all very positive and can take up quite some mind time. I also have the time to reflect, especially about my family. Losing my nan a couple of months ago I am now in touch (albeit on Facebook) with my cousins again. It has also got me thinking about my mum and dad and what kind of relationship I have with them. People always say to me that I am very lucky to have such a great relationship with my parents (and my sister and brother). I don’t like the word “luck”. There isn’t any “luck” about it. The relationship we have has been worked on for many, many years (I am not telling you how old I am!). We have had some very tough times, difficult times and scary time (like when I came out) but we work hard at staying in touch, spending quality time together, being there for one another and always having a hug and a kiss when we see each other.

So it got me thinking about relationships we have at work. These relationships too are not formed out of luck. We have to work hard at these relationships too. They don’t come easy. We need to understand each other, see things from different  perspectives, compromise and respect each other strengths and weaknesses. Taking people for granted in any aspect of your life won’t give you those great relationships that you need. It takes time, commitment and give and take (yes I am preaching to the converted), but it pays off BIG time. Because of the work I do, HR & OD, I bang on and on and on about the need to develop great relationships to be credible and to get things done (trust is huge) and I think in this day and age (yes I sound old) qualifications etc are a given, but they are nothing if you can’t develop and build great relationships! 

And now to some great ballet and contemporary dance I saw over the weekend.

Friday night I was at the Coliseum to see English National Ballet’s Ecstasy and Death. A triple bill selected by the newish Artistic Director Tamara Rojo. There was much raving about it on Twitter so I was really looking forward to it. I had foolishly booked a ticket in the upper circle, me afraid of heights! I should never go any higher than dress circle! However, being that high up gave me an appreciation of the decor in the Coliseum, it is beautiful. The many faces of theatre, happy, sad, surprised, shocked, the boxes, the ceiling. We don’t build buildings like that anymore! 

The first piece was Petite Mort by the Czech choreographer Jiri Kylian accompanied by Mozart’s piano concertos. And it was phenomenal! Halfway through I realised I had been sitting there with my mouth open, a sure sign that I am enthralled! The movement between the men and the women was pure beauty, strength and precision. The music and the movement cane together beautifully, it was hypnotic. I could have watched it al evening. The second piece, Le Jeune Homme et la Mort I had had a sneak preview via a YouTube link sent by @clouddancefestival and I was not disappointed. For me it was a mixture of opera and ballet, a tragic love story, the young man driven to madness and finally suicide by his lover. It is quite a performance, with some of the moves quite breathtaking, completely in awe of the skill and beauty the dancers can display on stage. The final piece Etudes was a take on a ballet class with the steps getting more and more difficult as the piece progressed. It ended with the drum kit in the orchestra bashing out the music as the dancers bashed out some amazing spinning, jumping, contortions until it could reach no more and bang, it ended! The crowd exploded with clapping, cheering, whoop whooping and whistling! It was quite some show, the short walk back to the station had my mind reeling. A perfect end to the evening! 

Saturday night I was at the Laban to see Tom Dale’s company and their piece called Refugees of the Septic Mind. It was the last show of their current tour and again recommended to me by @clouddancefestival

WOW! I haven’t since a contemporary dance piece that is so current, ever. Without sounding like a pretentious art critic, I will try and describe it. It was raw, urban, futuristic and current, energetic and messy. The movement was fast and furious, tumbling around the stage in perfect time. The stage was made up of large shapes and on to them were projected images of a giant sun exploding, buildings with their glass shattering and amongst other things rolls and rolls of numbers. On top of that was loud music by Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold which gave it that extra edge of, building the energy and futuristic feel. It was only an hour long piece but it felt like I was there experiencing it longer, in a very good way! I was sat at the front and it felt like it was all for me, I was so engrossed! Each dancer brought something different and complimented each other. I will definitely be joining their mailing list. Apparently they are off to the Edinburgh Festival, if you are going check them out! 

And to end the weekend, Spurs beat ManchesterCity in a thrilling match, scoring 3 goals in 7 minutes (in the last 15 minutes) to come out 3-1 winners! Therefore, the Champions League is back on! Yes, I had a sore throat afterwards! And I didn’t even text my dad to gloat!!

Yep, life is pretty good!


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